Checklist for Closing a Project

Checklists are a tool I use as a project manager. They serve as a reminder to trigger actions that need to be taken on a given project. This is an example of a checklist I use for closing completed projects. For starting projects see my post on project start checklists.

  • Verify invoicing is complete and balance schedule of values (SOV).
  • Review PCO log (potential change orders) for any missed billing or open PCOs.
  • On Project Management Software (we use Viewpoint), make sure all cost are entered and cost projections balance to 100%.
  • On PM Software close any remaining open purchase orders.
  • On PM Software close and archive project.
  • Remove project folder from active jobs on network drive and archive.
  • Purge hard copies of drawings and files (digital archives are retained for one year from project completion).
  • Review project hours versus bid hours for detailing, project management, and fabrication. Communicate results to estimating department and related parties.
  • Review actual material costs versus bid and communicate results to purchasing and estimating departments.
  • Project team write a “Lessons Learned” list lead by the Project Manager.

I will give more detail about the lessons learned list in a future post.

My inspiration for creating this comes from the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

3 thoughts on “Checklist for Closing a Project

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