Request for Information (RFI) Checklist

Here is a checklist I use when processing a request for information (RFI).

Part One: RFI Generation

  • Project Manager (PM) generates RFI document in job RFI folder.
  • Convert document to PDF and transmit to contractor via email. This step can be done by an assistant project manager (APM) project engineer or administrative personnel.
  • Enter new RFI into RFI log.

Part Two: RFI Processing
To be completed upon receipt of RFI response.

  • Rename the RFI folder to include the official project RFI number. Example, RFI folder named C:\Job folder\RFI\01-Material Grade\ would be named C:\Job folder\RFI\01-Material Grade (084)\ with (084) indicating the project RFI number.
  • Copy RFI to the job RFI folder.
  • Type the internal company job number and phase or package number on the PDF copy of the RFI.
  • Update RFI log.
  • Notate RFI remarks on PDF copy of contract drawings.
  • Notate RFI remarks on printed copy of contract drawings in red pen.
  • Copy RFI shortcut link to any applicable submittal folders.
  • For RFIs generated by others, create a new internal RFI number in sequence, place in job RFI folder, and enter into RFI log.
  • Open a potential change order (PCO) if the RFI response changes the scope of work.


If you find this helpful you may want to read my post about the project start checklist and the checklist for closing a job.

My inspiration for creating this comes from the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

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